San Francisco Bay Area – Fire Safety Tips, , , , , ,

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the north bay wildfires. Massive swaths of Santa Rosa decimated within hours.  Countless numbers of residents now homeless.  Other evacuees, anxiously praying for a home to return to. October, with its notorious Santa Ana winds, is upon us. Below are tips for keeping your property and family […]

San Francisco 2017 Street Tree Ordinance Simplified, , , , ,

San Francisco 2017 Street Tree Ordinance Simplified What the ordinance is Shifts responsibility of street trees from property owner to the City of San Francisco Sidewalks damaged by trees will also the City’s responsibility (see photo below) Measure E on November 2016 ballot. 80% SF voters approved it. Measure E was the result of pressure […]

Report on Mosquito Prevention and Deterrents

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4 Common Drainage Problems and How To Fix Them

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The photo above is breathtaking reminder of the toll our rainy season has taken on San Francisco Bay Area residents.  El Niño surprised us with a ferocious encore performance. Many of our properties, roads and highways are still recovering. Highway 37 is an extreme example of what happens when drainage fails. Five feet of water […]

The Best Indoor Plants If You Have Allergies

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  Interior plants are good for your health! A ton of research proves it.  Interior plants help improve air quality, and office productivity.  Research published by NASA explains how plants clean toxic chemicals from the air such as: benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.  These chemicals are emitted by paint, computers, carpeting, cleaning fluids, etc. A few […]

5 Things to Know About The Bamboo Plant

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About Bamboo Adorning the perimeter of many commercial buildings, the willowy Bamboo stands, in containers and planter beds, providing screens and landscape focal points. Its reputation as a renewable resource for flooring to furniture and even fabric, make it emblematic of the sustainability movement. We maintain several sites in San Francisco with Bamboo plants and […]

51% of California No Longer in a Drought

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This confirms what we expected after a ferocious rainy season that wreaked havoc throughout much the state.  Key facts: Just one year ago only 5% of the state was drought free Sierra snowpack stands at 179% of its historic average (the biggest in 22 years) San Joaquin Valley and most of Southern California remains in […]

5 Landscape Trends for 2017

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What’s new in landscape and gardening? Every year there are numerous reports on the latest trends in plants, hardscape, irrigation and even color. From technology to outdoor living. Designers, Landscape Architects and Green Industry pundits weigh in on what’s hot.  There are several sources for this article. The people at Gardeners’ Guild have chimed in […]

It’s Time to Turn Off Your Irrigation

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San Francisco Bay Area – The California Department of Water Resources reminds us that it’s time to turn off your irrigation! The rains we have had and forecasts for more are sufficient in the short term. Remember that trees, shrubs and flowers use less water in the winter.  One inch of rain is enough moisture […]

We Are Still in a Drought

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  Gardeners’ Guild is obsessed with weather.  Well – we are a landscape contracting company and we must adapt on a moment’s notice to rain, high winds and unseasonable heat or frost.  We also stay on top of long term forecasting because our clients depend on us to help them manage their resources. I personally […]