Water Management

A pioneer in water management since the early 1980’s. In 1984, Gardeners’ Guild received its first of several awards from the MMWD (Marin Municipal Water District) and the San Francisco Bay Area media for our environmental contributions.

Our staff is trained in the State of California Water Resource Management Program.  All our managers are QWEL Landscapers. (Qualified Water Efficient Landscapers).

We are routinely consulted by manufacturers of the latest in irrigation technology. 
Gardeners’ Guild partnered with The City of Petaluma to install 90 irrigation controllers for their pilot program.  Our work resulted in a savings of 30% water/dollars.

We are currently working with the City of Santa Rosa on a similar smart irrigation controller pilot program.

Irrigation Design/Installation/Repair

Our Irrigation service can repair, design and install irrigation systems of all types. Our technicians have the expertise to solve the most complex hydraulic, or controller wiring and fault location problems.

We are regularly trained on the latest in self adjusting, weather based smart irrigation controllers, drip irrigation systems as well as updated high efficiency spray nozzles.

We have saved clients up to 50% off their water bill.