Our program, called LivingSolutions, is an award winning approach that is the result of over thirty years of ecological practices, rigorous testing and a refinement of best management practices.

LivingSolutions is science based and focused on soil health.  Healthy soil makes healthy plants!  Instead of synthetic fertilizers, we introduce beneficial organisms into the soil. The result of these applications is a gradual restoration of the soil – which improves drainage, making it more drought tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases.  Moreover, the threat of harmful chemicals and residues in the water supply is eliminated.

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Key Components of LivingSolutions

  • Complete soil assessment
  • Water management
  • Irrigation efficiency upgrades and state of the art smart controllers
  • Customized applications of microbial soil inoculants (compost tea) and other organic soil building products including worm castings.
  • Mulching
  • Integrated Pest Management

Our program can be customized to suit you.  It can range from 100% organic or parts of the program.

LivingSolutions and Bay Friendly

  • LivingSolutions mirrors the requirements of the Bay Friendly Coalition. In fact, most of our Account Managers are Bay Friendly Certified.
  • Substantial reduction in storm water runoff
  • Keeps pollution out of our water supply
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