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Joy comes in red, white, burgundy, and pink!

You’ve had a tough year.

Let some fresh Poinsettias help you celebrate the holidays with well-deserved cheer.

These classic Poinsettias arrive in a decorative foil sleeve.  If you like, we will maintain them through the holidays, or you can maintain them yourself.

Limited quantities are available.  Order today.

Your poinsettia order options

With or without maintenance
Sizes 4”,6” 8” or 10″ Poinsettia.
At this time 8″ or 10″ only come in red.
Our maintenance period is from November 28th through the first week of January.

Safe delivery during COVID-19

Our staff follows all safety protocols including social distancing, wearing masks, frequent handwashing, regular cleaning, and disinfection.  Our vehicles are cleaned between delivery routes.

How to maintain Poinsettias.   

Poinsettias are temperamental and need just the right light and moisture to last through the holidays.  Professional maintenance is the best option, but we understand we’re living through unique times.

Some tips on maintaining Poinsettias

  • They like indirect light for at least six hours per day.
  • The ideal room temperature is 68-70 degrees F.
  • Water thoroughly when the soil feels dry to the touch. 
  • They don’t like cold drafts (below 50 degrees) or excessive heat.

How to order

Contact Angela Wrath

Phone (510) 439-3707

Email awrath@gardenersguild.com


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