Long before “green” became a household word…

Gardeners’ Guild was winning awards for its ecological practices.  In fact, our commitment to the environment is incorporated in our company values.  Twenty five years ago Gardeners’ Guild had the foresight to predict a future water crisis and became actively involved in promoting water conservation.

An example of our approach is taken from an interview with Linda Novy, our founder, about her efforts to incorporate a more sustainable approach to landscape management – in the early 1980’s.

“Most people felt that the way to fix an insect problem was to spray it, said Linda. She often tried to convince her clients that quick fix treatments or routine sprays may be applied unnecessarily. Pest management was the first step in Gardeners’ Guild’s ‘sustainable landscape’ approach. In the late 1980s, Novy brought in an entomologist to help develop a less-toxic program substituting beneficial bugs and organic fertilizer for pesticides and synthetic fertilizers derived from petrochemicals.”

Awards and Recognition for our practices

Throughout the last twenty years, Gardeners’ Guild has been recognized with over 23 environmental awards from Marin Municipal Water District, Marin Conservation League, California Integrated Waste Management Board and many more.

We were the first

  • First Marin County Landscape Contractor to be a certified “green” business.
  • First ever Sustainable Landscape Management Award by the North Coast CLCA (California Landscape Contractors Association)