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We have not seen the last of El Niño.







Episodes of heavy rain and winds will likely continue over the next few months.  If your landscape on a slope, there are some actions you can take now to prevent the damaging effects of erosion.

Short Term Actions (Your can do now before the next storm!)

They are effective in controlling mud flow temporarily

Plastic Sheeting
Its effectiveness depends on height of your slope and how securely it is staked to the slope.

Jute Netting
Material is biodegradable.  If appropriate for your slope, it can help to protect from wind and storm damage.

Plan Ahead Actions (It’s never to early for next rainy season)
Terracing:  this will shorten a slope into shorter more level steps

  • Retaining walls: they add space, structure and value to your property
  • Terracing:  this will shorten a slope into shorter more level steps
  • Mulch: you want to use mulch that will stay put, not wash away
  • Planting a mixture of ground cover, perennials and trees

The plants listed below are just a few ideas of plants that are hearty enough to help stabilize your slope.  Keep in mind that the  needs of each environment will vary depending on sun exposure, wind, temperature and soil.

  • Lantana
  • Callistemon (Bottle Brush)
  • Rosmarinus (Rosemary)
  • Cistus Skanbergii
  • Artostaphylos (Emerald Carpet)
  • Ceanothus (Diamond Heights)

Download Our Guide to Preventing Erosion! PhotoERosionGuide

It includes more detailed information and list and photos of plants with tips on maintaining them.





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  1. Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis says:

    Very valuable information for all property owners to have. The best time to address erosion and drainage issues is prior to the rainy season. Storm water management requirements have become much more stringent through the years and carry substandard penalties if not carried out to code.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.


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