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A deep split through the bark

Just a little knowledge can help prevent big problems.

What to look for
Dead branches: 
an accident waiting to happen
Branches that cross or rub: 
This usually means there is a weak spot that should be pruned off.
Signs of decay: visible wounds, cavities, disfigurations could be a sign

How to tell when a tree is in ill health?
Experts say that vigor is reflected in the amount of leaf cover, size and color

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  1. Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis says:

    With the winds up over the last several days in the bay area this is a good reminder that we need to promote proactive tree care. Risk hazards can be reduced significantly through the process of annual tree assessment, implementation of strong cultural practices and routine pruning to maintain structural integrity. GGI is available to develop and implement tree care plans and budget for your properties. Contact your GGI Account Manager or one of our sales team to set up an appointment to review your properties tree inventory.


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