What do employees say is their most important benefit?

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In more than one survey that we have reviewed – health benefits is number one. It tops all benefits in all age groups – baby boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Y.

The pie chart represents a survey performed by Lawn & Landscape Magazine.  It shows us that a only a small percentage of companies our industry actually offer health benefits.

Lawn & Landscape Study

National Survey of Employers and Employees

When asked which benefits are an important factor in employee loyalty (2007-2008), “salary/wages” decreased in importance by four percent while “other insurance benefits” (life, dental, disability, vision) climbed in importance by 18 percent (51% to 69%).

MetLife’s 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends

The study found that employees who report that they are very satisfied with their workplace benefits are about three times as likely to indicate that they are highly satisfied with their current job and feel more loyal toward their employer compared with those who are very dissatisfied with the benefits program.

It is of interest to us because we view part of the reason why our employee retention is so high is due to the benefits we offer.  Not having to worry about how to pay our medical bills should sudden illness occur is a huge factor.

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