Bella Vista Apartments Enjoy Big Water Savings!

Bella Vista is beautiful apartment complex in Richmond.  It is the winner of the GEMM (Greater Excellence in Management and Maintenance) Awards of the Greater East Bay.  The property is 40 acres and much of the landscaping is turf.  When Gardeners’ Guild started its service, May, 2009, Bella Vista had high water bills and the management also wanted to build a greener community.

We began work to make Bella Vista’s irrigation more efficient and were successful in lowering water consumption by performing the following:

  • Rigorous irrigation monitoring and adjusted controllers to meet seasonal needs
  • Fixing irrigation breaks
  • Repairing broken hardware
  • Capping irrigation in places that didn’t require watering

The results were dramatic!

Bella Vista enjoyed a 53% reduction in water usage from 2008 to 2010 and saved approximately $45,891

It is a testament to the advice we have given over the years to our clients.  The first step in water conservation is to do a thorough irrigation diagnostic to ensure that it is running efficiently.

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Bella Vista

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