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Marin County Updates Water Restrictions

MMWD updates restrictions citing much improved reservoir capacity

Marin Water, reporting that reservoirs are higher than they have been in years, (95% full in fact!) voted unanimously to ease the ban on irrigation.  The district serves both Central and Southern Marin County, except for Novato and West Marin.  See the next section for NMWD updates.

This update means that residents in this district now have the green light to water twice a week.
A list of the updated water regulations below has been copied and pasted from their website.

  • Irrigation using sprinkler or drip systems is allowed two times a week and only prior to 9 a.m. or after 7 p.m.
  • The refilling of a completely drained swimming pool and the initial filling of any swimming pool for which application for a building permit was made after December 1, 2021, will not be allowed.
  • Covers are required for all pools and spas. Liquid pool covers are acceptable. 
  • Do not wash vehicles at home. Use a carwash that recycles water instead.
  • Do not power-wash homes or businesses.
  • Do not wash driveways or sidewalks.
  • Do not wastewater. Flooding gutters is prohibited.
  • Leaks must be fixed within 48 hours of being discovered.*
  • Garden hoses must have a shutoff nozzle.
  • Golf course irrigation is restricted to greens and tees.
  • Do not water grass on public medians.
  • Do not use potable water for dust control, compaction, sewer flushing or street cleaning.
  • Do not refill or top off decorative fountains.

*Heads up – make sure that your system is regularly checked for leaks because the district may inspect periodically.

The Marin Independent Journal, reporting on the updated restrictions, stated that the ban for golf courses remains.  The IJ also reported that unfortunately, water conservation efforts have diminished from up to 25 percent last year, to 10 percent so far for 2022. 

Check here for up-to-date reporting on water supply and usage.

North Marin NMWD eases restrictions for West Marin

Water usage restrictions for Novato residents remain in place.

The message from West Marin’s amendment is copied and pasted below from their website

Water Waste Prohibitions Effective February 1, 2022:

  • Permitting water to escape down a gutter, ditch, or another surface drain.
  • Irrigation that has excessive runoff or unreasonable overspray.
  • Failure to repair a controllable leak of water within a reasonable time.
  • Using water for non-recycling decorative fountains or single-pass cooling systems.
  • Washing down exterior hard surface areas.
  • Washing cars, boats, trailers, or other vehicles and machinery directly with a hose not equipped with a shutoff nozzle
  • Potable water on ornamental turf in public street medians
  • Drinking water other than on request in eating or dining establishments
  • Water for the daily laundering of towels and linens in hotels and motels without offering guests the option of choosing not to have daily laundering.

Reminder – recycled water is exempt from restrictions

It conserves our potable (drinking) water.  In fact, every gallon of recycled water used saves a gallon of potable water.

Recycled water is even beneficial to plant growth because it has higher nutrient levels than drinking water.  It could reduce the need for fertilization.

There are a lot of advantages to using recycled water – consider it.

Gardenerd' Guild Delivers Recycled Water

Description of our Service

  • First, we will discuss your plants and recommend which ones could benefit from recycled watering.
  • The pricing in our proposal is based on the quantity of water needed and labor required.
  • Once you approve the proposal, Gardeners’ Guild will schedule a date and time to deliver recycled water to your home or business.
  • We will transport recycled water to your home or business on a truck that is equipped with a hose for direct application to the plant(s).

For more information – contact us

(510) 439-3728





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